About us

Established 10 years ago, KICH Electronics has grown into one of the most consolidated consumer electronics trading companies in the Switzerland.

With a global cope, a strong reseller´s network in the EMEA and without losing its touch with local retailers (and the B2C online market), KICH Electronics has acquired the trading experience to understand what to offer to vendors, traditional dealers, resellers and retailers.

KICH Electronics is focused on delivering the very best prices in the consumer electronics market with a guaranteed quality and delivery date.

Why KICH Electronics

Over the years, KICH Electronics has developed a very extensive international network in the consumer electronics market…



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KICH Electronics is an international trading company established in Switzerland since 2006 which is involved in commercial operations with professional and consumer electronic devices.

KICH Electronics connects far east producers and U.S. distributors with other European distributors actives in U.E. territory.

To secure quality service to our customers we collaborate with reliable suppliers, respectable financial institutions and transportation companies.

Currently the main focus of KICH Electronics is on TVs, smartphones, tablets but though KICH Electronics is also trading in IT Components and supplies, digital cameras and game consoles…



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KICH Electronics is a business divisions of

KICH Sagl – International Trading Company
Via Dufour, 1 – CH – 6900 Lugano
Phone | +41 91 646 1949
Fax | +41 91 682 5470

We are here 



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